Gambia is known for the most favorable climate in West Africa. Weather is tropical with dry and rainy seasons. Coastal areas are dry from mid-October to mid-June, while the rainy season lasts from June to October. Inland, the cold period is shorter, and from May to June, the daytime temperatures are very high. Most days are sunny even during the rainy season. Many tour operators invite visitors only during months from November until January of February when the rains are over, humidity has dropped, the the roads are passable, and the bush is still green and busy with birdlife.

We believe you can travel to West Africa any time of the year because every time of a year is something special. Temperatures in the resort areas, beside Atlantic vary little all year, while humidity levels fluctuate. Rainy days are few in the rainy season. It is usually raining at night. Sometimes it can be sunny in the morning, heavily raining at the noon time and again sunny in the afternoon. However, birds, flowers and fresh vegetation are all abundant at this time, mangoes are in season, the resorts are uncrowded, the sea is at its warmest, and, between the spectacular thunderstorms, the days are bright and clear. There are also some local beach festivals happening in the summer time. As there is not many tourists in the time of rainy season, you will have more chance to spend all your time with locals. Schools are closed until October. Children are having a lot of time and they will enjoy playing around with you.

Average temperature is 30 C. Sunshine hours from December to July are from 9 to 10 hours.

Welcome to the smiling coast!

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