The Gambia is very stable and peaceful country. There is no war and most of Gambians are friendly and hospitable people. Freedom and peace are also mentioned in their national anthem. It is very important for all the nation. As a man of peace, President Yahya Jammeh continues to play a major role in peace making and peace keeping in West Africa, other parts of the continent and in the world at large. His expressed commitment to the principle that “development on the continent will never be possible without lasting peace and stability” is exemplified by the indefatigable efforts he deploys and his success achieved to this end (source:

In addition the country is affordable and within comfortable flying distance of Europe. It is located only six hours from major destinations and capitals in Europe, making it a popular and financially accessible place for visitors, volunteers and tourists. The Gambia was also ranked as one of the best value holidays destinations in 2014. It is definitely a destination where you get more for your travel money!

Kindness without borders. Smiling coast, the best coast.

The Gambia