Lamin Lodge is a beautiful place to stop and chill out, situated on the snaking Lamin Bolon, one of the River Gambia’s many saltwater tributaries. The charming restaurant and bar, built on the banks in the middle of the Mangroves forest, is a perfect place to end you excursion into the creeks. Everywhere in the area you can see mangrove grow and many so called green monkeys wandering around. Beside the monkeys and mangroves you can see how cement is made from oysters’ shells.

It is a popular destination for creek trips and birdwatching base. The view from the upper levels of the restaurant, over this grand sweep of water, mangrove, and fields, a special treat in a country where tall buildings are rare, is breathtaking. The food is delicious and moderately priced. You can also stop for drinks only.

Visitors are usually amazed by the beautiful nature and peaceful environment. A local musicians create a special African atmosphere with the calm drumming and singing. It takes your mind away off whatever is bothering you.

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