Travelling and volunteering is suitable for everyone!

For young people, this is a unique opportunity to test their commitment to voluntary activities and commitments abroad, which include full-time jobs that do not pay. This way we strive to develop solidarity, mutual understanding and tolerance among young people. Young people can participate in voluntary activities to benefit local communities and schools, and gain new skills and experiences that will enhance personal, educational and professional level of the individual.

For students and those who have just completed their studies, this type of travel can be a very important step and experience for a successful career and a stable future. You want to learn, visit different countries, and still help someone. Do you want a longer trip before you start searching for a full-time job? Maybe you simply want to make a short pause during the study year and dedicate the year to children who need help? “Travel as a volunteer ‘ is an excellent opportunity to gain new friends and acquaintances among the local population and other volunteers from around the world. Upon learning about the cultural traditions, cuisine, music, and local language students gain the experience, as experience and knowledge cannot be taken away. All students receive a certificate of completion of volunteer hours that can be used in their CV and when searching for a job. The trip will pay off and you will soon come to realize that it was worth it!

Summer camp

For newlyweds, this is an opportunity to start a life together, strengthen your connection, experience the world beyond the borders of holiday resorts, learn about destinations through local residents who offer with stories of life in the country, while providing modest assistance to those in need. The image of the traditional honeymoon includes pristine sandy white beaches, sipping drinks on a chair under a palm tree and looking at the crystal blue sea. However, more and more newlyweds are choosing to do something else for this occasion: to ‘Travel as a Volunteer’.

In this regard, the new style of honeymoon, young couples invest in the local community in The Gambia ranging from a few days to several months to help with activities such as teaching & feeding children, helping with other maintenance work in our kindergarten.

Just married

For couples who want swap the classic short or long trip for volunteer travel. It is perfect for couples who want to strengthen their relationship and to try themselves in voluntary work, for couples celebrating wedding anniversaries or want a special way to give themselves a gift that will connect them even more. Believe that you can rediscover qualities in your partner that you were taken by when you first met and figure out why you fell so madly in love with your partner. We help children of the world with short-term humanitarian trips and programs to promote culture exchange, understanding and personal “one on one” interaction between volunteers and children. If you are open-minded, understanding, you feel dedicated to promoting cultural exchanges, have passion for helping others, and have a sense of adventure, a trip like this is perfect for you!

For the employed who want to experience something completely different due to demanding work and everyday responsibilities. Relaxation outside of the usual and adventure are good enough reasons to travel. These are not exactly the most luxurious of holidays but for less money, you get and experience much more! It is fun to plan the destinations gathering information about the places you want to visit. And there is the unforgettable experience, which includes restaurants, culture, local villages and way of life, religion and customs, language and shopping; and there is also the realization that you did something good, something that changes the world of individuals and their families. It can be as inspiring as the desire to swim in every ocean of the world or flying above the clouds. The advantage of ‘Travel as a Volunteer’ for the employed is that it can be volunteer work in Africa can be performed in short periods (one week).

Family holidays

For families, it is a great opportunity to approach charity together. Parents work now more than ever. Children today have endless needs and opportunities to compete for their time and attention. The combination of charity and holidays is a great idea, because it means working together, entertainment, socializing, making new friends and learning. It is also a good reason for charity and good deeds. Being charitable is simple, easy and fun. Parents include children in such travels more and more to teach their children from young age about solidarity, the respect for others, mutual assistance, and that necessities need to be shared. Irrespective of the age of the child, it is never too late to learn about how some things cannot be bought with money and how solidarity enriches in a different way.

For single or solo travelers “Travel as a Volunteer” can be a big turning point in life. Attention! Travelling can change lives. Is a great opportunity for new friendships, discovering places and countries, spending quality time with locals, tasting the local cuisine, dancing to the rhythms of local music and, ultimately, for discovering yourself. Single people can find comfort and escape from the problems that have arisen with this situation. You may need some time to yourself and you want to forget for a while about your close one, job, and your place of residence.  ‘Travel as a Volunteer’ is then the right decision for you. In addition to a longer holiday and enjoying the destination, you will do something for others and for yourself.

Maybe you have a partner who has different interests than you and you decide to spend holidays apart? This does not mean that you have a marital problem; on the contrary, spending your vacation like that can bring you even closer together! Some couples their vacation apart regularly and it seems to work. They both decide on destinations and activities that they want to do and get some personal space and to relax from the relentless needs of parenting to do something for themselves and for others.

Summer School Gambia

For groups travel and volunteering is unique way to create friendships in addition to all other experiences that move the group and each individual. Individuals with common and divergent interests come together in religious, social or thematic groups. They are by the same objectives, which set them out on a trip. Projects for group trips are bigger and have pre-set details, whether it is to help building orphanages, providing medical assistance, educating children, giving our food, organizing workshops, farming or helping with organization on animal farm.

Programs for volunteers focus on social changes, social justice and education. Each trip has its benefits and becomes a powerful experience. With us, you can travel at any time of the year because getting volunteers is our constant goal.

For pensioners who have already recovered from the hard work they have been doing for numerous years, the program “Travel as a Volunteer” is perfect to spice up perhaps a bit dull and subdued life after retiring. Maybe it is not as much fun as it was at the beginning and you need a reason for getting up early and want to get some responsibilities? You now have time to travel now and want to help the children of the world?

Today, more and more retirees are looking for ways to reintegrate into the community and strive to pass on their experience and knowledge and to dedicate their time to the children, the elderly, animals… They visit new places, take the time to socialize with locals, taste the local cuisine and dance to the rhythms of local music. Non-profit organizations around the world need help and time of the volunteers, and some of these look for retirees in particular, because they are knowledgeable, experienced and used to working.

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Photo: Jana Snuderl

Photo: Jana Snuderl