Football is very famous sport in The Gambia, like everywhere else in the world. Gambians are enthusiastic football fans, and the country has a national football team called The Scorpion.

In virtually every town and village, there is a field or open space for playing football. Every summer a football tournament known as Nawetan is organized in all major nawetan zones in the country. Nawet is a wolof word meaning rainy season. As the tournament is always happening in the summer time, when it is a rainy season, this name has been used since ages.

Serekunda, the biggest city in the country, has 3 nawetan zones. Smaller towns and villages are having their own nawetan tournaments. In the towns there are qualification rounds to enable the team to be part of it. In the small villages all teams are usually part of the tournament.

Beach is also a popular location where Gambians are gathering to have barbecue and play football.

Some more important matches involve music and dance.

It’s all about football.

Photo: Jana Snuderl

Photo: Jana Snuderl