The Gambia is the kind of holiday destination, which is suitable for every type of vacation, whether it is a summer vacation for the entire family, an adventurous and active trip for students and young people, long winter holidays for retirees, a romantic getaway for honeymooners or a educational group volunteering experience.


We want young people of the world to think differently! Traveling to Africa can be a very important step and a lifetime experience for them. It is an excellent opportunity to learn about the cultural traditions, cuisine, music, local language, animals and nature. Traveling to Africa can also encourage developing solidarity, mutual understanding and tolerance among young people. They can participate in voluntary activities to benefit local communities and schools, and gain new skills and experiences that will enhance the personal, educational and professional level of the individual. We would like to see prejudice gone and to connect people throughout the world, because we feel we can overcome cultural and religious differences together.


The Gambia is an outstanding honeymoon destination. Nowhere else in the world can you experience such an unforgettable experience as in Africa. It is an amazing start of a life together for newlyweds and it is a great opportunity to strengthen partnership, experience the world beyond the borders of holiday resorts and learn about the destination through local residents with their stories of life in the country. Your lifetime trip can start by visiting remote villages, animal parks, national reserves, historical sites and local schools. After experiencing a real Africa, you can relax on white sandy beaches, sip drinks on a chair under a palm tree and look at the crystal blue sea in breathtaking Cape Verde. A combination of adventure, relaxation and romance will make your honeymoon in Africa unique and magical..


It is a great opportunity for families to spend their time together in a different way. The Gambia offers amazing family friendly hotels, self-catering apartments and lodges. Children will enjoy endless beaches, the sun and sand. Almost every place of accommodation also offers a pool, sunbeds and shades. Whenever you want to experience the country beyond the tourist strip, you can visit some of the animal parks, nearby villages, local schools and go for a daily river cruise to see mangroves, birds, creeks, etc. We also offer family volunteering for a day or two. It is a great opportunity to approach charity together. The combination of activities is a great idea, because it means working together, entertainment, socializing, making new friends and learning. It is a safe place to learn about Africa, wildlife, different people and culture.


Sometimes it’s good to go in a group! Individuals with common and divergent interests usually come together in social or thematic groups. Traveling in a small groups let you feel like you are exploring a destination independently but at the same time a group creates a good vibe. It is a unique way to create friendship in addition to all other experiences that move the group and each individual. People usually coming in group are ornithologists, cyclist, marathon runners, artist & musicians coming to perform or  participate in festivals, retirees and adventurers who are coming to Africa to discover real local life, tradition and culture. But recently most common group travelers are volunteers coming to Africa with a mission. Programs focus on social changes, social justice, education, animal protection & rehabilitation, and medicine assistance. Each trip has its benefits and becomes a powerful experience. We offer opportunities to make a real and measurable difference in both, visitors’ and locals’ lives.


The Gambia is a perfect winter holiday destination for retirees who want to escape from cold winter weather in Europe. Africa offers a warm sun all year round, peaceful hotels & lodges and reasonable prices. Today, more and more retirees are looking for meaningful holidays. Visiting new places, socializing with locals, tasting the local cuisine, bird watching and dancing the rhythms of local music are just some of the activities Gambia offers. Friendly people of Gambia will always take a good care of you and you will never feel you are alone In Africa. Hospitality and being respectful towards elderly people are values that Gambians are born with.

Journey for everyone