A letter or a gift

You can send a letter to your sponsored child, which has to be written in English. You can enclose your photo as well as a photo of the child you are sponsoring. They are delighted when they receive photos, since they cannot afford to develop photographs. Your children can draw a picture. We kindly ask you not to write about where you have traveled, what you have bought. Write about families, yourself, your family members.

You can also send a gift for the children. Be sure to include the name of the child. The package must be sent in a registered shipment (no need for priority or air mail because shipments need up to 45 days on average, no matter the type of mail). In case you are sending a package that contains an object (not a letter), additional duties have to be paid in The Gambia. The amount depends on the value of the shipment, or amounts to 3 EUR min.
In case you send a gift to a child, we take a photo of both of them and send the photo to the sponsor. All costs of sending a gift are covered by sponsors.

Address in The Gambia:
P.O. BOX 2902

Costs of sending packages to The Gambia can be quite high. For that reason, you have the option of making a payment to our account for a child’s birthday or any other occasion. We will distribute the money to the family who can buy valuable/bigger gift for he child, and besides that, you won’t have to worry about the right size, colour and usefulness of the gift. We will send you a photo of gift you’ve sent or the gift family bought for the sponsored child. Please contact us at if you need any explanations.

A bicycle – an easier and faster way to school

Some children in The Gambia live in villages that are located up to 10 km away from the school they are visiting, whiModou Lamin Corrch causes big problems for children who have to walk to school, often barefoot and without a school bag (they carry the books in their hands). A bicycle can prevent many missed classes, being late to school and improve possibilities for a quality education. A bicycle costs 60€ (including all expenses; transportation, telephone calls, internet) and is of extreme importance to children from a disadvantaged background in The Gambia.

Donate food – rice is the basic nutrition of Gambian people

It would be untrue to say that children in The Gambia are dying of hunger. But we are not exaggerating when we say that a handful of rice is the only daily meal of some of the poorest people in the country. Rice is the only foodstuff of the majority of Gambians. One 50 kilo bag provides food for a large family for almost one month. Gambian farmers don’t grow enough rice during the rainy season, so rice is being imported. People cannot afford to buy it. The poorest ones can only afford the leftover rice that falls out of torn bags while it is being transported.

Food is shared in The Gambia. If this was not the case, then we would be able to show you pictures of Gambian people dying of hunger, which you are used to seeing in the media. It’s not the case in The Gambia, but that does not mean that there is no hunger or malnutrition. Children from underprivileged background come to school without a snack, which means that they do not have any breakfast, snack or lunch. Their only meal is a late supper when the family shares one bowl of rice. It is impossible for such a child to study when all he or she is thinking about is how to get money for food.
Nobody gets their own plate. When the meal is ready, they put a large bowl in the front yard and everybody present can have a bite. People live in large communities, so called compounds, and are closely connected. Therefore, there are always lots of people sharing one meal – women, children, men, neighbours, relatives. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll see only one person eating from a bowl. So people don’t die of hunger in The Gambia – there are some rare cases in remote villages that are miles away from civilization.Modou Joof1

This fact may be misleading to those who wish to help only after they’ve seen horrific images of malnourished children in Africa. Hunger and malnutrition are everyday occurrences in The Gambia. A bag of rice that provides enough food for a month for one family costs 35€ (with all expenses included). Malnutrition affects physical and emotional development of a child and as long as we don’t do something about this, our efforts to provide quality education won’t bring satisfactory results. Hunger can permanently affect children who were born in a country where climate makes growing food for their own needs extremely difficult.


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