The Gambia is located in the West African region and it is one of the smallest countries in Africa. It borders on the Atlantic Ocean in the west, and on Senegal from all other sides but it still retains its own clear identity. The Gambia’s unique charm lies in its smallness. It has many attractions at a short distance and therefore it is becoming one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world.


The Gambia offers breathtaking nature, diverse animal and bird-life, the mighty River Gambia, vibrant markets, flourishing festivals, colorful villages, paradise beaches, luxury hotels, eco-lodges, rich history, a fascinating mix of cultures and much more. It offers many unique experiences for the visitors. The most amazing thing about the country is that you can create your own experience that you will never forget.

Sindola Lodge Kanilai

You can relax at the paradise beaches and amazing holidays resorts, self-catering apartments or lodges, whether you are alone, with family or on your honeymoon. If you want to experience the country beyond the tourist strip, you can visit some of the animal parks, nearby villages, local schools and go for a daily river cruise to see mangroves, birds, creeks, etc. We also offer volunteering opportunities for you and your family. If you escape the Atlantic resort area you will experience another side of the country. When traveling to explore the interior of The Gambia, you will find yourself deep in classic West African landscapes scattered with traditional villages and crisscrossed by red-earth roads, rich in eco-tourism opportunities, wilderness, wildlife and birdwatching. In addition you will experience West African music and rural culture as there are always vibrant festivals, events full of traditional drumming, energetic dancing as well as customary wrestling matches, going on.

Beach Gambia

A combination of adventure, relaxation and wildlife will make your holidays in Africa unique and magical. After experiencing the real Africa, you can relax at white sandy beaches, sip drinks on a chair under a palm tree and look at the crystal blue sea in breathtaking Cape Verde, which is accessible from Dakar in Senegal, not far away from Barra village in The Gambia.

Welcome to the smiling coast of Africa!

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