Gambia is a heaven for travelers who love people, animals and nature. There are many historical sites as well but what you will never forget are people you will meet, animals you will see and nature you will admire.

More than 30 years ago, a unique island refuge was established in The Gambia , West Africa for orphaned, wild-caught chimpanzees rescued from the pet trade and other exploitative industries.

Today the River Gambia National Park supports more than 100 chimpanzees on three lush, forested islands spanning 1,500 acres — providing refuge for four chimpanzee social groups along with Guinea baboons, green monkeys, red colobus monkeys, manatees, hippos, more than 240 species of birds and variety of other wildlife, and birds.


Commonly known as Baboon Islands, the River Gambia National Park is located just 300 km up the Gambia River in one of the least disturbed parts of the country.  These islands offer the rare opportunity of viewing the last of The Gambia’s wildlife and lush gallery forests, while staying in both privacy and comfort.

The River Gambia National Park is also home to the Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Project which was established on the islands in 1979 for the care and reintroduction of orphaned and unwanted chimpanzees.  Wild chimpanzees disappeared from the Gambia in the early 1900’s, but there are now more than 100 chimpanzees living in four separate social groups on three islands.

Boat expeditions guide you through the river and estuaries where you may have an up-close but safe view of chimpanzees, baboons, red colobus monkeys, hippos, crocodiles, manatees, over 240 species of birds and many other wildlife species.

For those willing to sweat a little, take a guided trail hike through the mosaic of gallery, woodland and savanna forests on the mainland.  Catch one of the most breathtaking sunrise vistas in The Gambia from the cliffs overhanging the River Gambia.  Other activities include a variety of boat tours, hikes to different locations, visits to neighboring projects and simple relaxation.

Accommodations are basic yet comfortable and are designed to allow guests to appreciate the environment while ensuring our presence does not damage the wilderness.  Meals are served in the water house which extends out over the river where you can sip coffee in the quiet of day break or reflect on the days adventures with a cold beer in the afternoon.  Your experience is enhanced by our knowledgeable staff, personal service, and the finest meals available outside the Banjul area.

To get the most from your visit we recommend a stay of 2 nights which includes pick up/drop off by boat at Kuntaur, full board and a choice of activities custom designed to your needs and desires.  We require payment in local currency (dalasis).

The Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Project is a working camp which allows tourism visits from Thursday through Sunday.  We are closed to the public on Monday through Wednesday in order to fully concentrate on our work.  The majority of the revenue from your stay goes directly to the care and welfare of the chimpanzees with a percentage to government conservation programs and local community development.

For further information please contact us.