Sponsorship is a great way to help ensure the children from poor families a stable and secure childhood, to give access to health care and quality education. The monthly amount for sponsorship in the Gambia is 25 € per month.

There are only few government kindergartens in The Gambia. Usually children’s parents must pay fees so that their children can attend it. The foundation is very important in the early age of kids. Children that are staying at home because their parents can’t afford to pay school fees are having a lot of troubles when entering primary school. Most of them can’t read, write or understand English which is an official language.

There are many government primary schools though but the fact that there is no school fees makes it difficult for both, teachers and children. The classrooms are full (up to 130 children), schools lack of space and as well the teachers. The level of education is low. In addition many parents can’t afford expenses that are connected to the schooling. School uniforms, books, daily meal and transportation, different excursions and school events are mandatory but many parents hardly manage it.

Private schools have in addition to the regular schooling expenses also school fees to be paid. The costs of kindergarten or primary school vary depending on the school and town or village. Many parents wish their kids to attend the private school but unfortunately, many children quit school before the end of the school year because their parents are not able to pay for everything. Some are paying school fees in amount of 50€ in several installments, because some earn less than 30€ per month.

Your donation can make a big change in the life of an Gambian girl or boy.


Tuition fees and monthly donations are closely connected to one another. Unpaid school fees for children mean that they cannot attend school, and without the monthly donation the child cannot receive their daily meal, cannot get to school (transport issue), has no access to medical care, etc. By paying school fees,  all obligations in the school will be settled (tuition fee, school uniforms and basic textbooks), and with the monthly contribution, we help guarantee a stable and secure childhood, and we also give access to health care and quality education. All funds are intended for children and their families to be spent for clothing, transportation to school, food and medical assistance.

The project of sponsorship offers direct support to children in need, who grow up in very poor families and communities as a whole. This way we improve both the basic living conditions and educational opportunities for children, while investing directly in local community development. We are there to assist in raising the basic standard of children, and especially, providing education. We want to offer hope of a better life today and in the future to those children.

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